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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Whether it's a desk, a bed, a comfy couch, or a cozy cafe, a person's environment is an important factor in their productivity and motivation to work. And for us creative-type not only does our work area have to be able to adapt to all the the things we do (in my case: painting, drawing, animating, brainstorming, and blogging), but it needs to inspire us to work as well!

For this post I thought it would be fun to give you guys a quick tour of my workspace.

Here's where the *magic* happens! This table actually used to be a computer desk with a shelf above it but because I prefer to have a large open space I had the shelf taken out. The plastic drawers on the right side are where I keep all my paint, art materials, notebooks, chargers, and other random things.

I do most of my work with my Acer Aspire laptop, and my trusty Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen and Touch tablet that I've had for about 5 years!

On my desk are: (1) my mason jar drinking glass-turned-paint brush holder, (2) my white owl pen holder, (3) a yellow ceramic owl that I use to keep my hairbrush (I too had my owl phase), (4) a cute wooden box with fake flowers inside, (5) a tiny basket for my erasers and sharpener, (6) my "House of Post-Its" (it's a tiny house-shaped drawer where I keep some of my sticky notes in. Also check out the tiny black cat clip on the chimney!), and of course (7) my spirit-pony Fluttershy.

Here are my daily notebook essentials (aside from my sketchbook which is in the next picture): my brown Starbucks planner, my Every Day five-year memory book, and my DIY Idea Notebook.

On top of my drawer I have: (1) my corkboard, (2) a glass bowl with more of the same fake flowers I mentioned earlier, (3) a nice frame with this beautiful patterned paper from a cupcake box, (4) a white tree jewelry holder where I keep my keys, hair pins, and USB covers, (6) a Harry Potter notepad, and (7) my two sketchbooks. The green one is what I use more often though cause it's cheaper so I'm not as scared to mess it up!

Above my desk I've got my nickname made out of wire (which I made back in college), a dreamcatcher, and a calendar of sleeping cats from my aunt.

And of course we mustn't forget my fluffy feline supervisor!

I know my workspace isn't quite as picturesque yet (this whole setup occupies a big corner of my tiny bedroom!), but if I could have my dream studio I'd definitely want it to be light, spacious, and homey with lots of windows overlooking a beautiful view; lots of comfy couches, a variety of tables so I can have more room for my projects, a whole wall just for shooting photos and fun stop-motion animation projects, a library of art books, and a roof terrace so I can work outside on a nice day.

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So what's with all this talk about workspaces? Well this post was inspired by WeWork, a coworking company I came across the other day that provides shared offices spaces at various locations all over the world.

Their mission is "to create a world where people work to make a life, not just to make a living" and seriously how beautiful is that? What if our job was flexible enough to allow us to have a life seven days a week instead of just two? What if we have the freedom to pursue the projects we're actually excited about, and work alongside people from different industries who are just as passionate about their work as we are with ours?

Now over to you guys. What type of workspace would you love to have? Or are you already living the dream in your ideal work environment? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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