Sketchbook Saturdays #3

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Hello again everyone! Here's this week's round of sketches. I tried to do some realistic studies of people for practice, but I found that I really prefer to draw in a more cute, cartoon-y style.

Painting practice referenced from a picture on Pinterest

Some silly doodles. I really like the upper right one, I think it perfectly captures my relationship with my reluctant cat :))

Trying to get the hang of drawing people. Referenced from pictures in The Sartorialist.

Some flamingo patterns! I was hoping for more vibrant colors with this one, so.... (scroll down)'s another try at a flamingo! I really want to turn my flamingos (and this herd of unicorns!!) into a pattern! Should I just go out and get a scanner already???

Sketchbook Saturdays is a blog series where I share my art and sketches for the week! I will not be putting pressure on myself to make each work perfect; my goal with this is to learnexperiment, and just keep drawing!

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