Sketchbook Saturdays #1

Saturday, January 24, 2015

In an effort to keep a habit of drawing consistently, I've started a new series on my blog called Sketchbook Saturdays! This is where I'll show any personal sketches/illustrations I've drawn within the week--and yes that includes both the good AND the bad! *cringe*

The goal of Sketchbook Saturdays is to LEARN, EXPERIMENT, and JUST KEEP DRAWING. As much as possible I'll try not to put any pressure on myself to make each drawing perfect (and therefore don't expect them to! haha). Hopefully I'll have a post for the rest of the Saturdays of 2015.

Here's this week's roundup!

watercolor gesture ballerinas

I haven't drawn a portrait in THE longest time (and I think it shows!)

Quick watercolor sketch of my sleepy Amber

Tree studies in three mediums (I did not mean for that pun to happen). Colored pencil (upper right), oil pastel (left), and watercolor referenced from the backgrounds in Snow White (lower right).

Frolicking Unicorns!

I've always preferred drawing animals over people. I need more practice!

You can also keep up with my sketches on a more daily basis on my Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram!

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