Dad's On Fire (a Hallmark Father's Day eCard)

Saturday, June 14, 2014

I’m so excited to FINALLY be able to share this project!!!

A few weeks ago, Lexi Vay and Rob Runyeon from Hallmark found my "You Make Me Hoppy" E-Card, which is a little animation I made inspired by my rabbits. They liked my work so much that they asked me to make a Father’s Day one for Hallmark eCards!!! ASDFGHJKL

I jumped at the opportunity (and literally out of bed) when I read their email! THIS IS SUCH A DREAM COME TRUE! I love watching Hallmark eCards, and I’ve dreamt of making one for them someday. I can’t believe that now one of my works is up on their website as a legit eCard!! AAAHHHH!!

I can’t thank Rob enough for this wonderful opportunity! And to Lexi for being so great to work with! She always gave such insightful suggestions in every stage of the process that pushed my work to be the best it can be.

And to think that all this happened simply because my brother came across a vendor selling really cheap rabbits, and he spontaneously bought two! Hahaha! Funny how things turn out!

Watch my eCard “Dad’s On Fire” here: you can also type “Jeca Martinez” in the search box)

And if you’re subscribed to Hallmark eCards, take your pick from all the beautiful Father’s Day eCards and send one to your dad today!

Advance Happy Father’s Day!

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