Thursday, January 23, 2014

gouache on sketchbook paper
(edited as best as I can in Photoshop to match the original painting)

I've been inspired to get back into painting by YouTube art vloggers Leilani Joy and, more recently, Lena Danya. I LOVE watching their speed painting videos more than others because of how they explain their thought process behind their art (btw, please leave a comment below if you know of other YouTube art vloggers who also like to do the same).

Snuggle process
I've been self-studying figure drawing, anatomy, and drawing basics lately, but it was starting to feel too...restricting? calculated?...with all the mannikin frames, proportions, muscle groups, this-goes-here-and-that-goes-there, etc etc that I had to remember. Yes, yes, I know it'll help in the long run, but I wanted to do something a bit more liberating so I brought out my gouache paint, and what ruined palette and paint brushes I have since my last painting 2 or 3 years ago.

The idea for this was influenced by the rare, wonderfully cold weather we've been having in Manila, and how our cat likes to curl up in a fluffy warm ball as she sleeps. The painting took much longer to make than expected, but was a lot of fun to do nonetheless. I think I want to get into more traditional, hand-made art this year.

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