A Day at CTNX

Sunday, December 15, 2013

I'm back! Sorry for my semi-long absence. I was in California for a one month vacation and I didn't bring my laptop and tablet with me so it was almost a complete break from art and freelance work.

Just days before my trip I found out that I would be nearby during CTNX, and I couldn't believe my luck when it dawned on me that I was suddenly going to be able to attend the event and that I'd be able to meet a lot of my artist heroes! AHHHHHHH!!!! So yes, this will be a long blog post :))

If there was one word to describe my very first CTNX experience, it would be overwhelming--and in a good way! I got the one-day exhibit floor pass, and upon entering the Marriott Convention Center I literally didn't know which way to go; there was SO much to see, do, and soak in just being surrounded by all this incredibly inspiring (and intimidating!) talent.

Rows upon rows of booths; life drawing sessions with costumed models, and a
Lorelay Bove live painting demo (check out the finished piece posted on her twitter)

I met a bunch of my favorite artists as well! Stephen Silver, Cale Atkinson, Steph Laberis, Mike Yamada, Victoria Ying, Lindsey Olivares, Brittney Lee, and Claire Keane! They were all very nice and I was nothing short of star struck :))

At the end of the day, I got to attend Claire Keane's interview about how she juggles having an art career with being a parent. She was so passionate and animated while sharing her story! If I remember correctly, she started with how she went to a graphic design college in France where she realized that she prefers illustrating. She even created this princess storybook for her thesis, and one of her teachers asked her if she was ashamed that she was drawing princesses, and she was shocked and replied "What?! But I love drawing princesses!".

Then she was talking to her dad Glen Keane and mentioned how she wished there was a job where she could develop characters and stories, and her dad just looked at her and told her that there was and what did she think he did (lol). Claire said she thought people had to learn how to animate to work in animation, and immediately asked him if he was currently working on any really cool princess movies at Disney :)). Then when she got on board the development team for Tangled she spent her entire first day designing so much costumes for Rapunzel that she went over time.

She had her first baby soon after and was allowed to work from home so she can get more art done while taking care of her child. This was when she started her sketchbook journal where she translated her everyday life into Rapunzel's. She and the interviewer and fellow artist Carol Police even shared really funny stories about how they were trying to discreetly pump milk for their babies while at the office :))

After the interview she had a print signing of her "Iris" pastel illustration.

Here's my CTN loot! As you can probably tell, I really enjoyed collecting all the beautiful business cards,  free bookmarks, postcards, and pins. I also bought a few art books, a couple of prints, and a postcard!

A lot of the artists like to include doodles with their signatures, which was a very nice surprise.

(From upper left) Brittney Lee, Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying, Steph Laberis (she even asked me
what my favorite animal is!), Cale Atkinson, Lindsey Olivares, and Stephen Silver
I had such a blast at CTNX and I really hope I get to attend next year (and in the workshops and seminars this time)!

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