The Super Mudball

Saturday, September 28, 2013

I was commissioned by Earth Venture to create an animated explainer video for their new product called the EM Mudball. The idea was to present the Mudball as a superhero character in order to appeal to kids, but the video should be professional enough for possible sponsors.

These Mudballs are an innovative way to address the problem of clogged waterways in local rivers and creeks and...well, I'll just let the video explain the rest:

Script and animation by me
Voice over and sound editing by James Sampan

Whenever I'd go to school I would always pass by this small smelly creek that is probably more sludge than water, and would wonder if it has gotten thick enough for people to walk on. I'm quite glad I got to be part of a project that helps alleviate this pressing problem especially now that we're witnessing such a drastic amount of flooding caused by very little rainfall.

In order to promote this great product, I was also commissioned to design a poster for their school caravan:
THROWBACK: The EM Mudball School Caravan
In the event, kids were introduced to the EM Mudballs, got to make some of their own, and throw them in the local creek. Check out the Mean Green Philippines and Earth Venture Inc Facebook pages to stay updated with cause.

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