Dragon Mountain (or Hibernation)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

I was inspired to draw some mountains and clouds after stumbling across this gorgeous illustration for the Wacom Cintiq:

I then began sketching out some rough ideas, and somehow a fluffy lil dragon made its way into the composition. I'm quite drawn to the idea of secret worlds amidst the seemingly ordinary.

Initial rough sketches. The tiny box on the upper left corner shows that the original idea was a person staring at the mountains. The one on the upper right shows the general dragon shape, while the bottom sketch is the dragon in detail.
Cleaner sketches. When I was done painting the mountains I decided to place the dragon inside a nice, warm cave (bottom sketch)
Process gif
Dragon Mountain
digital painting
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I also drew a version of the same sketch in my flatter and more cartoon-y art style:

Which one do you prefer? :)

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