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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Another childhood favorite and number four in my Disney Princess animated gif series!

Part Of Your World
Ariel animated gif
We had the LaserDisc of this movie and I remember watching The Little Mermaid on ice with my family when I was little. Although I don't really remember much of the show, I do remember loving this super cool plastic Flounder mug we got after!

For reference, I studied a few frames of The Little Mermaid and searched for some frame-by-frame mermaid swim references online. Lucky that I came across this really helpful guide here by bugzii:

This is the only frame-by-frame reference I found, so I thought I'd share my own 8-frame mermaid cycle as well:

For the background, I looked at a lot of underwater scenery images and videos, and found this very VERY useful and easy tutorial to create soft-edged objects in Flash for my light rays:

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