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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Eternally Hungry Squirrel
animated gif
Hello again! Sorry for the long absence...a LOT has been going on lately; most notably, I have finally graduated last Saturday! (WOOH!!!)

From the bittersweet graduation ceremony in the morning, to the surprise Harry Potter-themed grad dinner with family and relatives, to all the touching well wishes from friends and loved ones, I was pretty much floating on cloud 9 the whole weekend as I don't think I have ever felt as blessed and completely happy as I did in those couple of days.

It is slowly dawning on me that I'm officially done with school and I am now a part of that big scary world of adulthood ...though I have yet to act like one! :))

I have also been accepted into a couple of local animation training programs, which are keeping me busy. The first is basic traditional animation, and the second is digital animation using Toon Boom. The Eternally Hungry Squirrel gif above was an exercise from the first program which I have colored and looped.

That's all for now! And I'll definitely still be working on my Disney Princess animated gif series.

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