Tale As Old As Time

Friday, June 21, 2013

Number three in my Disney Princess animated gif series, and probably my first favorite Disney princess!

Tale As Old As Time
Belle animated gif
Back when I was a kid we had these LaserDiscs (yes, LaserDiscs) of The Little Mermaid, which had stopped playing after some time, and Beauty and the Beast. The one we had was the version where certain parts of the movie were animatics (rough unfinished animation) or linetests (uncolored line animation), nevertheless I loved the movie so much I'd watch it again and again. I especially loved Belle because I could relate to her in the sense that she was a bit weird, she dreamt of something more in life, and, most importantly, she loved books!

Watch out for the rest of the Disney princesses in this animated gif series! Meanwhile, check out the ones I have so far:
Rapunzel | Merida

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