Cupid's Serenade teaser + redesigned website

Monday, February 11, 2013

After months of seclusion working on my thesis animation, I finally have something to show for it...a quick teaser (clip? trailer?), which you can check out if you head on over to the redesigned website for Cupid's Serenade:

As always, sorry for the lack of updates on my blog. I've been meaning to post some sort of production update on this project, but a few issues kept coming up and everything felt so indefinite, which made it tricky to announce or show anything. Anyway, I'm currently halfway done with coloring the animation and have yet to do my marketing collaterals, so I will be disappearing from blogging yet again to meet deadlines.

I cannot stress enough how much I can't wait to graduate! Just a couple more months to go! :D

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