Animation Playlist 3: Out of the Box

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Here's another set of beautiful animations for the Playlist! These ones are done a little unconventionally. Whether through rotoscoping, digital painting, the use of patterns and silhouettes, or a combination of video and animation, they all have such a unique and memorable look to them that will definitely inspire animators to try out new techniques.

1) The Thomas Beale Cipher
Beautiful and intriguing use of rotoscope, patterns, cut-outs and silhouettes to convey the mood of such a compelling mystery. I just had read up more on the Thomas Beale Cipher mystery as soon as I finished watching this.

2) Madagascar, carnet de voyage, extrait...
Here's a sketchbook-slash-travel scrapbook come to life! I'm not entirely sure how this was made, but it looks like there's a bit of everything! Rotoscope, frame-by-frame, 3d, cut-out, etc. Doesn't it make for a much cooler memorabilia of your travels?

3) Olympic Vermin
A fun combination of video, animation and animals for the Olympics. Will definitely try this out some time!

4) Travel Galicia
A very simple cut-out style of animation combined with beautiful, painterly illustrations make for a fitting ad for travel guides

5) SketchTravel
Such a cute, charming little adventure told in a series of beautiful textured illustrations.

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