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Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's the start of a new term for me and last Monday I had my first class in Experimental Animation. As an introduction to the course, we had a film showing of old class works and some experimental animation shorts. Some of them were REALLY avant-garde and weird, but our professors told us that films like that are really more focused on technique and symbolism rather than story.

I took note of the ones I really liked and made a second playlist of fun animations I recommend :)

1) The Old Man and The Sea
Guys, every frame in this animation is a painting. As in a real painting with oil paint on glass. For every frame.

2) Balance
This one's weird but cute, and I like the message :) Animation with puppets

3) Akai Ito
Animation made of string! This is SERIOUSLY incredible as well!

4) Hush Baby
This one's really cute too :))

5) For Sock's Sake
My favorite among all we've watched. It's the cutest, most charming and most hilarious thing ever!

6) Synchromy
Although we didn't finish watching this in class because the blinking lights were painful to watch on a projector in a dark room, the technique used here was amazing. See, on the very edge of films used to project movies in cinemas are little squares of varying sizes. This is actually the music of the movie, and what Norman McLaren did here was he drew/printed the music on some film! It's literally a music video.


View the first Animation Playlist here

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