Burgeria Diner

Monday, September 03, 2012

Here's my last ever game for my last AUTHOR class (whoop! whoop!). Being a big fan of food and time management-related games, I made a very simple food serving game that was anything but simple to code.

Basically you try to serve a set number of food orders within a certain amount of time per level. Play the game here! As usual, you'll need a Macromedia Shockwave Player to be able to play it :) 

BTW, you may notice that my portfolio site jecamartinez.com is empty at the moment. Well, my site has been attacked by a virus and long story short I had to delete the files in it, including my previous AUTHOR games. Don't worry though, as I still have the files for everything and I may reupload it in the future... 

As for my portfolio site, good thing I have a portfolio-making class next term since it's the perfect time for me to revamp what I had before.

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