Cupid's Serenade

Friday, August 10, 2012

I have just JUST finished preparing and printing all that I need for my thesis internal defense this August 16.

Paperwork with a checklist on top
Which means that now I can start posting a bit more about Cupid's Serenade! :D It's basically this fun short musical animation about a lovestruck Cupid, which I hope to finish early 2013 :)

Part of my requirements is to make a website, which is now up and running. Please do visit it to see more of the project, download some fun stuff, and read about Cupid throughout history and literature.

I've also created a Cupid's Serenade Facebook page and Twitter account for promotional purposes :) Do like, follow and share! :) I'll be posting updates on the project there and on this blog, which I'll link to on the sidebar :)


And on a different topic,  I've found this little nugget of treasure at National Bookstore:

The Pixar Touch: The Making of a Company by David A. Price

It's a book about the history of Pixar! And it was on sale too for only 100 pesos! (about $2) How fun! haha! I haven't read enough tough to make any conclusions about it, but so far it seems like a promising and interesting read :)


Hoping everybody is safe! Especially those of us hit by the extreme rain and flooding in the Philippines.

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