Some Recent Works

Friday, June 08, 2012

Hello! Here's some stuff I've done lately:

An infographic for my Multimedia Arts Business 1 (MMABIZ1) class

Source here

Several layout designs for a game for my Interactive Authoring 3 (AUTHOR3) class. Unlike my first two Author classes where we had individual games with each lesson, this one game is gonna be a term-long project.

And lastly an illustration for a contest about deforestation which, sadly, I did not win. Not that I was expecting to anyway since there were so many seriously great entries and the winner really was deserving :)

"Crowning Glory"
By definition, the crowning glory is the greatest or most beautiful thing. It is also used to refer to one's hair. In this illustration, it is Mother Nature's hair of lush trees that is --or was-- her crowning glory.

I'm feeling quite good at the moment since I've made some dent in my homework pile for the week. Yay for productivity! Haha :)) May everyone have a productive weekend as well :D

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