Art Class Homework (weeks 6 and 7)

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Landscape illustration (with oil pastels) and figure drawing for week 6:

6 Steps on Landscape Painting: 1) Clouds, 2) Mountains
3) Grass, 4) Tree
5) House, 6) Everything together

...And landscape painting with watercolors for week 7, which I have nothing to show for because we don't have homework for that one.

What I do have here are pictures of our very last homework, which are invitation and thank you cards for our parents. Since my art class was about basic traditional art techniques, I didn't do my cards digitally (I'm not sure if I would've been allowed to anyway haha) and instead used my leftover scrapbook papers.

the ginormous 14" x 11.5" invitation card to the graduation, and the not-so ginormous "thankums" card

invite is pop-up! haha! I dressed them up in tropical togas since it's a graduation for summer class :))

inside of the "thankums" card

Unfortunately I won't be able to submit my last homework. It's my cousin's son's birthday, so I couldn't attend our last class today (which is a whole day group activity).

I'll be graduating tomorrow with Mandee. Woohoo! It'll be part graduation and part art exhibit, so I'm pretty excited for it. I just hope it won't rain as hard tomorrow as it is raining here now. Stay safe and dry everyone! :)

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