Art Class Graduation

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Just got back from my graduation from the summer art class. It felt like such a legit informal graduation, as in there was a march, the grad music and everything (except for the togas) :)) We all had to do an exhibit piece a few weeks ago (a painting of our favorite subject in either oil pastel or watercolor) and here's what I painted:

"Mikai" watercolor and oil pastel painting on a 15" x 20" illustration board

Just a side note, I used a reference picture of a random cat in the internet for this, but my mom wanted me to name the painting "Mikai" after our kitten, which is also tricolored :))

Anyway, please expect a photo-heavy post of the occasion :D

The MAB Hall was decorated with exhibit pieces, group works and cards by Sir Sena's students. Here's my wee little space on the wall...:

...and Mandee's space on the wall:

And here some of the paintings I really like :)


Me with Sir Fernando Sena:

Mandee and I graduating. We both got awards for Most Outstanding Student, and Best in Homework (the exhibit piece)

And we bumped into Carmy! Apparently her mom and sister were in our class as well! haha! Hi Carmy :D

Hope everyone's had a good weekend despite the heavy rain. And good luck to those starting their classes tomorrow :)

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