Find Sally and Thesis

Monday, March 05, 2012

Here's Project 4 for my Interactive Authoring 2 class! We had to use key control codes in our game, so I made a very quick haunted house walkthrough where you have to find your friend Sally (I couldn't think of any other name).

I had a lot of fun making this and I play it over and over when taking a break from thesis work. I suggest you play it with the lights off and sounds on! haha! (Don't forget to download Adobe Shockwave Player!)

Music by Kevin MacLeod, SFX from Partners in Rhyme and Sound Bible

Speaking of thesis work, I spent the day finishing my paper (which I just had printed out) and presentation for my mock defense this Wednesday. I'm SO nervous about it, since it's in front of the whole class and I'm uncomfortable speaking in front of a lot of people.

First slide of my topic proposal powerpoint presentation. I made the background, but I got all the textures and brushes from the net.

Required temporary poster design for my medium, which is a short 2d animation. I kept it simple since I don't have final character designs yet, which we'll work on in PROJ1

It'll be my real defense on March 28. WISH ME LUCK :((

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