Animapod Game

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hello again! I just finished a game for my Interactive Authoring class. I swear our homeworks for Author2 feel more like final projects for Author1. We were taught how to use game codes that allowed user customization, which were quite tricky to get a hang of but I still had fun making this game (except for that moment when I was almost done with the layout when I had a blue screen of death scare @-) And I had NO back-up files. Thankfully, the computer was able to"diagnose" itself. I cannot stress enough the importance of back-up files. Use everything you have...USBs, hard drives, laptops, or even dropbox!)

Anyway, here's my game!

You can also play it here! But you'll need to download Adobe Shockwave Player. (Disclaimer: I do NOT own the music and sound effects used in this game).

I noticed I've been posting a lot of layout stuff here...I promise to try to squeeze in an illustration when I can get the time to make one!

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