More Fight Backgrounds

Monday, December 26, 2011

Here are the other two background art for my latest cartoon Fight. You can view the other three in an old post here.

I personally like sketching stuff first in my sketchbook before drawing on my computer. This helps me organize my ideas and it's a way for me to get a general feel of how the whole thing should look like, which is why my sketchbook hardly has finished (or even discernible) sketches in it :))

As for the rest of the backgrounds used in Fight, I drew some soil (including the small pile below the grass) and grass (foreground, middle-ground, and far background) individually so that I can just resize, rearrange or flip them over in Flash. I think this is quite a good tip if you have similar backgrounds all throughout your cartoon because it saves you a lot of time drawing them.

I made my soil a really large rectangle so that I can use it for my panning and wide shots; and because I made the resolution big, I can just zoom in on it certain areas for close-up shots so that the soil doesn't always look exactly alike. I also blurred my background and foreground grass to give the scene some depth. And to apply something I learned from Art Attack, the farther away something is, the lighter the color :)

I hope my little tips on designing backgrounds help :)

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