Creative CD Packaging

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Here are my final projects for my 2d Animation 3 and Interactive Authoring 1 classes. We have to submit CDs containing our output, so I decided to be a bit creative with the packaging. I was originally gonna put it in simple DVD cases, but then when I did that to my Author1 class, my prof told me I shouldnt do it next time (especially for thesis) because we're Multimedia Arts students and we have to design our own packaging :| Well anyway, I'm resubmitting it with this packaging so I won't lose points :p

First up is the one for Author. Since it's about Santa Claus Around The World, I made my CD jacket look like a little Christmas gift! (which is appropriate because it's almost Christmas) :))

Next is the one for my 2danim3 class. Still remember that ant cartoon I've talked about in previous posts? I've finally settled on a title, "Fight" (Yes, after all this time :)) ). I had to make a for-school version, which required removing a LOT of scenes just so I can make it to the deadline, but I'll still continue working on it even after term's over. Here's the packaging. I wanted people who will open it feel like they're seeing the cheese from the ant's point of view, hence the pop-up grass foreground.

 Yay! I'm finally officially done with all my projects for this term! Hello Christmas break :D

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