Day 24: Ant Character Turnarounds

Sunday, September 25, 2011

For my ant cartoon (still unnamed! Suggestions please : D).

Seeing my characters colored makes me excited to finish and watch my cartoon! :)) Anyway, I had some trouble doing the 3/4 and side views, so I checked the drawings and turnarounds I did for school 2 terms ago for reference. I haven't looked at them in several months, so I was really surprised to see how different my ants originally looked:

Lol. :)) They definitely evolved. They have feet and palms now :))

I'm super excited for October 20-22. French animation school Gobelins will be having this character animation masterclass at my school!!! GAAAHHHH!!!  And the speaker is Alexandre Heboyan, an animator from Dreamworks (AAAAHHH!!) who worked on Kung Fu Panda and Monsters Vs. Aliens (DOUBLE AHHHHH!!!). I'm so excited to learn stuff!

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